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Dragon Dance Theatre

Cultural exchange projects where artists from different countries, different backgrounds, different communities come together to live, share, and make a collective creation which will include large puppetry and an outdoor performance to the public.  
  • Gargantua in the Cevennes, France 1988
  • Monimbo, Nicaragua, 1991
  • The Hulupu Tree, Buenos Aires, Festival Calle de los Titeres, 1992
  • The Underground Railroad, International Theater Festival, Havana, 1992
  • Innana in the Underworld, Vermont, USA from 1988 to 1998,
  • Paseo de la Muerte, (Day of the Dead), Mexico, 2001
  • 7 Angry Men, Mexico& France 2003
  • Capture of the Fire Fish, Kemijarvi, Finland 2007
  • Til Ulenspeigle, Belgium, 2012
  • Contra la Espada, (the life of Junipero de Serra) Mexico, 2013
  • Mujer del Ombligo Grande, Mexico, 2013 & 2014
  • Las Blaseñas Defendieron el Pueblo, San Blas Atempa, Oaxaca, Mexico 2014
  • Lemminkainen in Tuonela, Ii, Finland, 2015
  • Persephone in the Underworld, France, AUGUST 2017
  • Cry of the Bird -
Finland and France and 2019
(excerpt:  click here)


Préserver l’intangible

héritage culturel

à travers les arts créatifs

depuis 1976

projets d'échage culturel


voix et performance

danse et mouvement

fabrication de  masques


imaginer, créer et manipuler des marionnettes géantes




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