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next residency: Summer 2013

a one month Workshop/ Atelier / taller

Jalpan de Serra, Mexico

for details follow this link.... or write to us at:

Katah Sam

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Dragons Talk - Testimonials
photo by Matti , ii, Finland, January 6, 2010 Dragon Dance, we think of our residential projects as cultural laboratories where we can experiment with re-created versions of traditional stories. Every year, we move our residency to a different location or country, thereby engaging with a different host culture. With the host community, we choose the mythologies to work on during the project. Our aim is cultural exchange on every level, including but not limited to; age, gender, language, techniques, skills, cultural history, politics, and traditions. The idea is to create a perfect exchange situation; a stimulating, safe, workshop environment, where we can play whatever roles the story calls for. We all arrive from different national backgrounds and immerse ourselves in another culture, in another language, adding another dimension to the possibilities of our work. We always use a theatre format; with the objective of creating our own version of the stories we are investigating and sharing the performance with the local community. Lately, our theatre productions have been expressing ecological drama, which, it seems, we are all caught up in.