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The 2004 Pan-American Puppetry Arts Institute E-Zine
Frida and her nurse, from Movie Week...photo by Estelle Marcoux
In this Issue
Faeterri Silver
Omero Guerrero Garcia
The Tlacuaches
François Bruno
Jean Richard
Mayra Jimenez Desales
Nora Jacobson
Delia Robinson
Sam and Katah
Jerome Lipani
Vicente Jimenez Desales
Jean Claude Collet
Sam Kerson
Photos by Estelle Marcoux
Lina Lachapelle
Sam Kerson
Tania Solomonoff
Sam Kerson
Roberto Villasenor
Dennis Darrah
Sam Kerson
Cultural Imperialism: Latin America and Mexico by Shifra M. Goldman
Looking at Objects by Claude Lévi-Strauss
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D r a g o n D a n c e T h e a t r e E-Zine 2004 E-Zine Pan American Puppetry Arts Institute
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