Dragon Dance Theatre in collaboration with the Museo Historico de la Sierra Gorda, Culturas Populares de Querétaro, Grupo Ecológico de la Sierra Gorda and the local community--

The dates are June 21 to July 22, 2013. We are preparing for an intense, experimental and improvisational theatre lab, plus a plastic arts workshop, where we will make masks, sets and costumes.
In this laboratory we will conceive, create, and mount a cross-cultural, collective creation, with all the resident artists. Together we will imagine, and realize our own creative Utopia. We will make a peaceful, historically relevant, community art event on an ecological theme. We will dance and sing, make music, break bread, laugh, and inspire one another, while working in our chosen fields, to make a memorable public performance. We will have fun. We will work. We will create our own world of cultural exchange, cooperation and creation.

This is a fully integrated, in depth, immersion; a working environment, shoulder to shoulder with Mexican artists, dancers, actors, puppeteers...practice your spanish, meet the artistic community

Duration of the residencie:
from 2 weeks to one month
Residents who stay the whole month will come away from the Pan Am with a clear sense of the operating principles of a working theatre, how to make the props, masks and sets required, how to organize a group for theatrical expression, how to find a theme, and how to develop that theme into a performance.
Expenses paid by participants:
Transport to Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro, Mexico.
The one month residence with, communal living, breakfast and lunch, will cost: 1440 Euros for the month.

Participants contribute 200 Euros to the production cost
This will also be your registration fee. When you pay this fee, your place will be reserved.

Dragon Dance Theatre's 16th Pan American Puppetry Arts Institute --

Summer / Été/ verano 2013--


a one month residency in Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro, Mexico

cultural exchange and collective creation

Mexican Food,

communal living...

guacamolé, tortillas, café con leche, atole, pico de gallo, empanadas, huachinango, borrego, burritos, salsa, mangos, melones, mandarinas, huarraches, tlayuadas, pollo a la penca, zacahuil, tamales,...

Workshops in performance, mask making, dance, movement, improvisation, voice, theatre skills, imagining, creating and handling giant puppets
for more info :

and to register: please send a short bio with a motivation letter

We are inviting artists from Finland, Mexico, Québec, Slovakia, the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain...

We are reaching out to artists, dancers, musicians, fireworkers, actors, sculptors, cooks and all the people who have ever participated in, or inquired about, a Dragon Dance, cultural exchange, and residential theatre, project.

We look forward to meeting new people who are interested and willing to join us on this adventure.

Skype Me!
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Here is a link to an article describing the Sierra Gorda, biosphere reserve, the region where we will meet:

a) We will be living in small cottages shared with at least one or maybe 2 other participants, if you want a private cottage, please add 15 Euros/day
b) A breakfast buffet will be provided and the main meal, the Comida del dia, will be prepared on site at the museum and will be typical of the region

c) After the evening rehearsal, we usually go out to a local canteena for the cena (a light supper), Guacamole and tortillas, tacos, your own expense.
d) at the end of the 3 and a half weeks of workshop, there will be a 4-5 day tour in small towns of the Sierra Gorda, (see methodology section for more details)
We will be glad to hear from you. If we can help in any way to make this adventure possible for you, don't hesitate call us, we will be happy to help.

Also, we will gladly write you a letter of invitation that you can use to apply for funding from your own funding source.

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