The Nutti Pukki is a character from Finish forklore. Dragon Dance Theatre was invited in the winter 2009 to integrate the Nutti Pukki into the Traditional Three Kings celebrations. We spent 12 weeks with the community making the masks and creating a performance. The Show was performed on the ice of the River Ii, and the temperature was -20 ° C (just below 0°F), on January 6, 2010. Watch the video
Dragon Dance cultural exchange project in the south of France, summer 2009 - Avant-Guard theatre - this video is the last scene of the play, where "Ravaged by Hunger, Puntila becomes the avenger of his impiety by devouring his own limbs". Inspired by Ovid's metamosphosis; Directed by Sam Kerson Watch the video
This is the first scene of a Dragon Dance Theatre performance recorded in Tilaco, Mexico, a small town located in the Sierra Gorda in the state of Queretaro. the performance was the end product of a 3 week plastic arts and theatre production workshop where participants made all the puppets and were included in the creation and conception of the play. Watch the video
This is a collection of still images taken during Dragon Dance Theatre's workshop and filming of the movie El Rio de la Vida, written by Maira Jimenez Desales, adapted by Dragon Dance. The event took place in the Zapotec Community of San Blas Atempa, Oaxaca, Mexico, during June and July 2008. Guest artists were François Bruneau, Stefany Tremblay, Bernardo Olmedo, Vicente Jimenez Desales, Francisco Morales, Micaela Hernandez Moran, and videographer Edson Caballero.
In this montage, the song "El Feo" is sung in Zapotec by Micaela Hernandez Moran. Watch the Video

Rio de la Vida was shot
in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico in 2008. Here we have excerpted one scene as a preview.
This video is in Spanish , there are no subtitles.

Watch the Video

President Lazaro Cardenas granted Leon Trotsky political asylum in 1937 and he was invited by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo to live with them in Coyacan, just outside of Mexico city. Later he lived in a fortified house on Vienna Street just a few blocks away.
Trotsky continued writing his history of the Russian Revolution while being pursued by the Stalinists, including the Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueros.
In the late afternoon of August 20, 1940, Leon Trotsky was assassinated, in his library, by an agent of Stalin, who had infiltrated his home.
At the time Diego was considered a suspect in this affair.
This movie is a Dragon
Dance Theatre adaptation of an idea suggested by Abraham Oceransky
. Watch the Video
This video performance is dedicated to Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo, and all who suffer the accidents and misfortunes, the hazards of modern surgical practices. This video is intended as an ironic analysis of the crisis in Western medicine. Our Camera follows Frida in one loop of a torturous cycle of surgeries and recoveries, featuring bizarre cures and sinister characters. The mis-en-scene includes; theatrical masks and costumes, unique musical track created by a fire organ, sax, base clarinet, keyboard and gongs. Watch the video
This is a collage of 10 different performances of the Oaxaca valley cosmology Sol Y Luna. Performed at Monte-Alban, Huitzo, Ciudad de las Canteras in Mexico; Burlington, Glover and Hunger Mountain in Vermont
Produced by Dragon Dance Theatre // written and directed by Norman Brisky // a parody of the process. the trials and tribulations of a theatre director. Watch the video

This short video gives a step by step view of our mask making process. This is a large paper maché mask. First we build the armature, then we sculpt with clay. All the steps are shown.The video was made in Jalpan de Serra, Queretaro, Mexico in 2008. Watch the video

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